Successful personalisation of the customer journey

Increased the time spent with the brand significantly

Background Information

Yummi Haircare is a danish hair care brand located in a small town called Glyngøre, which sells quality hair care products at a reasonable price.

The brand is using the Scratcher platform to create interactive customer journeys with the aim to both get a lower lead price and a longer time spent with the brand.

Since then, they have seen a significant drop in lead prices using Scratcher!

Kasper Lindgren, Co-owner of Yummi Haircare says

“We have been really happy with Scratcher and the performance of gamification marketing. It has become an integrated part of our business on social media, e-mail marketing and webshop. We couldn't be more happy with the outcome we have got!”

Business Objective

Firstly, Yummi Haircare implemented the Wheel of Fortune and the Scratch Card campaigns with the goal of lowering lead prices.

Their second focus with gamification was personalizing the customer journey. To do this, the brand has integrated quiz games on the website to help guide its customers to the right products and content.

KPI's for the campaign

Yummi Haircare’s key metrics have been:

  • lowering lead prices
  • increasing time spent with the brand
  • personalization of the customer journey

Campaign Results

With the use of gamification, Yummi Haircare has lowered its lead prices by approximately 50% and increased the time spent with the brand significantly through the quiz element.

Yummi Haircare have successfully integrated the gamification within their marketing funnel, which enables the brand to personalize the customer journey through targeted ads, emails and interactive content.

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