BON'A PARTE wants to engage users
through personalized and product
related gamification

Which this expanded customer data is used for intelligent and automated after-sales.​

Never seen before and it performs

Opening Rate (OR) - Increase 133%, Click Rate (CR) - Increase 300%,
Conversion Rate (CVR) - Increase 80%

BON'A PARTE and DK Company use the Scratcher platform in all markets year-round

They have achieved a significant increase in the supply of (good) leads and customer data has been further enriched, which has enabled intelligent and more personalized after-sales via email automation. These emails have been found to have a significantly higher opening and contact rate compared to our regular marketing emails due to the more personalized content.

Scratcher has developed the gaming campaign "Style & Win"

Users sign up for newsletters to access the game, which then allows users to put together a complete set of clothing (top, bottom, footwear) based on some pre-selected product categories determined by DK Company. The product categories are carefully selected month by month for seasonal purpose. The products which is shown in the game depends on the type of behavior from the individual user. The products that are displayed in the game will then reflect this behavior (supported by Raptor Smart Advisor) – if no user behavior is registered within these product categories, the game will display “fall back products” (most viewed within the categories).


At the beginning of each month, via email marketing system (Salesforce Marketing Cloud), a winner is automatically selected who will subsequently receive an email notification. All other contestants will receive an automatic consolation prize mail one of the following days, featuring a voucher and their selected products, this mail is outperforming all other emails by both click price and with a price that’s on a significantly lower level for social media.

Opening Rate (OR) – Increase 133%, Click Rate (CR) – Increase 300%, Conversion Rate (CVR) – Increase 80%

Customer statement

“For 2 years Scratcher has been working with Danish companies and few foreign companies – The collaboration has been smooth and rewarding in terms of lead generation and sales. Scratcher has been an extremely competent business partner, who has continuously made the effort to achieve the customer’s satisfaction.”

-Jesper Holst, Ecommerce Sales & Operation Manager,
DK Company Online