BOBO’s successful
Wheel of Fortune Campaign

+6800 unique participants. A player only counts as one,
no matter how many times they play the game.

Great rise in permissions

"We made a landing page to win a gift card for 2000 dkk and then we made 1000 gift cards as consolation price for 50 dkk and 100 dkk, so that we could target them in our newsletter afterwards through Scratchers integration with Klaviyo." said one of the Bobo marketeers.

table and chair on the background. spin a wheel on the foreground

Background Information

BOBO is an online furniture store, with a wide range of products from established Danish to exciting foreign brands from all over Europe.

The concept is simple. Good prices all year round, free freight, always focus on top service, inspire and help people upgrade their home.

The last part ” inspire and help people upgrade their home” – is the reason we choose Scratcher.

Business Objective

The buying journey for furniture can be long. That’s why we want to collect a lot of leads for our newsletter, from where we can work with the lead getting from “inspired” to “buy”.

Our goal with Scratcher is to get the most relevant leads as cheap as possible.

To do that we need to provide people with something more than a standard pop-up. We need to make it fun and inspiring for people. That’s where Scratcher comes in.

table and chair on the background, result of the spin a wheel. spin a wheel on an iphone on the bottom right corner, campaign for Bobo
laptop with the dashboard of the platform. colorful trends and graphs. Other graph on the top right corner

Campaign Results


A player only counts as one,
no matter how many times they play the game.


We paid 1,33 dkk per lead (quality leads). That’s our all-time lowest price per lead.


It was super simple to set up. This was our first real Scratcher campaign, so quick results for us and super scalable!

Customer statement

We have previously used other gamification platforms, but none with as good results as Scratcher. What I like about Scratcher is, that they keep it simple, have great support and their pricing is pretty good. If you want to add tempo in your lead collection I highly recommend Scratcher as a tool to help you with that.