Spillehallen gives their customers value

Sometimes it can be challenging to get the newsletter database activated. Spillehallen.dk chose Scratcher’s games to increase the opening rate, but also to increase the conversion and create better content.
99% conversion

Spillehallen.dk managed to activate their newsletter recipient. A conversion of 99% says it all

Happy customers

The customers from Spillehallen.dk experienced the game as an extra value and entertainment

Increased web traffic

The enormous click rate led to even more traffic to Spillehallen.dk than a normal newsletter


Spillehallen.dk has a solid and loyal customer database, but sometimes it can be difficult to constantly offer the right content. That is why Spillehallen.dk chose to use Scratchers platform to further enrich the database with game elements to increase the value of the newsletters and also to increase conversion

High opening rate

Take advantage of the many gambling opportunities to increase the opening rate and involve its recipients in a different way.

Increased engagement

The scratching game has increased the engagement of Spillehallen.dk’s customers, and tripled the traffic from their regular newsletter.

Keep it simpel

The scratch game was designed for Halloween and with simple and beautiful elements, the game has become "inviting"

"We thought the Scratcher platform could be interesting to test on our customers - we are in the gaming industry so it would be natural for our customers. We were really surprised by the conversion and not least the commitment it resulted in. 99% participated in the game and it helped increase our opening rate tremendously. We will certainly continue to work with gamification”. Simon Agerskov, Marketing Manager Spillehallen.dk.

Simon Agerskov

Marketing Manager Spillehallen.dk