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Customers use our platform and campaigns at many strategic levels and areas, including collecting leads, activating customers and data enrichment, etc.
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We increased our visibility, we got a lot of hype and new customers - and we got extra revenue. It has been really good. Over the course of our first 4 campaigns we received 67,500 participants and almost 50,000 new subscribers to our newsletter and over 25,000 to our sms customer club.

Lead generation with high conversion

Many of our customers use Scratcher's different campain types for lead generation with great success. Over the last year, we have created successful campaigns for both B2C and B2B customers.

The success has been created in close cooperation with our customers and in many cases their marketing partners. With the right setup, our customers gained a lot of new quality leads.

Trendday is a good example on this success.


65 hostels are affiliated with the Danhostel chain, and they all span widely in terms of appearance, interior design, facilities and location. So whether you are into the city- or outdoor life, whether you want to go to Jutland or to the islands, or if you want an à la carte menu or to cook everything yourself, there is a Danhostel for you.

Activation campaigns for existing customers

How do you create a customer club that is interesting to one's members?

This is done by creating value and involving its members in its brand and products.

With great success, many of our customers have managed to create this value and activation by making entertaining and engaging campaigns, as a solid and integrated part of the customer club.

Get higher ROI on newsletter readers with activation campaigns.


Nordea Finans is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nordea Bank. They fund large as small - everything from glasses to construction machines. Leasing and factoring solutions solve the vast majority of financial tasks for companies.

Get to know your customers with efficient data enrichment

Several of our customers use data enrichment as part of their campaigns, so they collect information on their customers when they participate in the campaigns. Data enrichment is used for better insight into the target audience and in the company's marketing.

The different campaign types have a high conversion rate and are an effective tool for collecting more or new valuable information from your customers.


MESSAGE A/S consists of 28 multibrand stores in Denmark and Norway with a wide selection of the best Danish and international fashion brands. They offer the best in clothes, shoes and accessories to our customers. In our stores you can find brands like mbyM, Minimum, Second Female, Fiveunits, Global Funk and many more.

This year's events are widely used to make Scratcher campaigns

Sales, birthdays, sporting events, Easter, Black Friday and Christmas are just some of the events that many companies have high priority on throughout the year.

Customers use our different campaign types to create entertaining and exciting activation campaigns where they communicate their messages combined with a custom campaign design for the events.

Easter, Black Friday and Christmas are the biggest events during the year at Scratcher.

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Scratcher is the tool for you if you want to market your business in a fun, different and inexpensive way for new and existing customers.

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